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Following a long standing interest in holistic therapies and health I completed herbal medicine courses with Herbalists Keith Robertson, Max Drake and Nathan Hughes and Ayurvedic practitioner Annie McIntyre. Still today I enjoy personally working with plants and create relaxing balms and creams. I have studied Reiki with Nathan Hughes and massage with Bella Bees.

Reflexology helped me whilst trying for my first child. I was impressed with the benefits felt from the therapy and how it enabled a wider self healing to take place. I’d really look forward to my blissful treatments, giving me a space in the week where I could just lie back and relax.

Inspired by my experience with Reflexology I qualified as a Reflexologist with the Eileen Glimour School Of Holisitc Therapies, Level 3 ABC Diploma. I am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists (MAR) (www.aor.org)  and am fully insured. Believing that beauty is more than skin deep I have trained and qualified with Ziggie Bergman in Advanced Facial Reflexology and Zone Face Lift, helping smooth out wrinkles on the outside whilst bringing health benefits to the inside.  Treatments are offered out of therapy rooms in Chipping Norton and Whichford. 

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