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My name is Beth Astle I am a qualified Reflexologist working in the Chipping Norton and Deddington area, Oxfordshire.

I have been practicing as a Reflexologist for the last ten years. During this time I have expanded my services through Indian Head Massage, advanced Facial Reflexology and Zone Face Lift with the award-winning Ziggie Bergman. I have qualified in Spinal Reflexology with Louise Keet, the principle at the London School of Reflexology, have become a Reflexology Lymph Drainage practitioner after studying with its pioneer, Sally Kay and offer Reflexology for Menopause having been taught by the published Sally Earlam.

Encouraging good health and wellbeing has been important to me for many years. I volunteered with Aryuvedic herbalist Annie McIntyre in 2012, I have studied reiki and massage, and I have worked with a nutritionist to develop a "food for mood" course for Bristol Food Hub, to promote food that supports mental health. I was finally led to Reflexology when I was struggling to conceive my first child. During my successful journey to start a family, I experienced the first hand power of Reflexology to release stress and blocked emotion, and improve my physical health. This inspired me to train as a Reflexologist to help others experience the benefits as I had. I remain amazed by the power of Reflexology, I love working with this therapy and enjoy continually adding to my knowledge and expertise to ensure my clients receive the best treatment.

I am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a touch therapy that works with the body to help rebalance itself, It reduces stress and improves well being. The theory behind Reflexology is that different points of the foot (hands or face) reflect the organs and systems of the body. Pressure applied to these points, known as reflexes, is believed to bring relaxation and healing to the corresponding area of the body.

Clients come to me for a range of reasons, for some it contributes to managing a chronic complaint or as part of overcoming an illness. For others it is a chance to gain support, for example, whilst going through the menopause, with impaired immunity and with stress and mental and emotional health issues. Reflexology doesn’t claim to diagnose or cure.

For my maternity clients, women have found that Reflexology can help them in many ways, from fertility issues, during the pregnancy journey to helping parent and baby. For women journeying through menopause they have found it a useful addition to easing the transition.

On the initial appointment I will ask a few questions about your present and past health and lifestyle, then you relax and enjoy the treatment, apart from removing shoes and socks for foot reflexology each therapy I offer is fully clothed.

From the first consultation I will tailor your treatments to best suit you, I draw on all my different therapies and respond to your feedback at the beginning of each session to create your individual treatment plan.

Especially if you are coming with a specific issue a course of four-six weekly or fortnightly treatments can have an amazing result. Many clients follow this with a monthly maintenance treatment for on going health. Others just enjoy a one off or irregular treatment to take the time to relax, and reduce stress or simply to retain a feeling of wellness.

Treatments & Prices

Foot Reflexology

The whole of your body is reflected on your feet. Applying pressure to the reflexes on your feet helps your organs, body systems and emotions to rebalance, restoring your health. You may feel a fleeting tenderness on reflexes that are in need of rebalancing but overall you will feel relaxed and revitalised.

50 minutes


Pay what you can afford on the sliding scale

Facial Reflexology

As with Foot Reflexology, out of balance reflexes in the face can be located and supported to rebalance and to improve one's health. The facial reflexes are closer to the brain and the neuro-pathways, enhancing the experience of relaxation. Facial Reflexology has the benefit of promoting new skin tissues and improving skin tone to give you a younger, glowing look.

50 minutes


Pay what you can afford on the sliding scale

Lymph Drainage

Lymph drainage focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet. Research has shown it has an effect on the lymphatic system in the body. Reflexology Lymph Drainage may be useful with a variety of conditions including Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, aches and pains and Premenstrual Syndrome.

50 minutes, includes some foot reflexology


Pay what you can afford on the sliding scale

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage releases tension in the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, head and face using traditional Indian massage techniques. There are many other advantages such as expanding hair growth and circulatory and lymphatic stimulation.

50 minutes, includes some facial reflexology


Pay what you can afford on the sliding scale

Zone Face Lift

A natural face lift combined with Advanced Facial Reflexology enhancing how you look and feel inside and out. Zone Face Lift can help when your face is not reflecting the best you due to illness or stress, and can address specific aging signs.

Find out more about Zone Face Lift here.

Single 75 minute treatment - £85

12 week programme of 75 minute treatments - £935

Spinal Reflexology

Deeply working each vertebra (through the spine reflex on the foot) and the 31 pairs of spinal nerves that exit them, Spinal Reflexology taps directly into the Central Nervous System which connects and controls all of our organs, tissues and hormones. This treatment can be a very effective way of treating all manner of disorders and imbalances

50 minutes


Pay what you can afford on the sliding scale

Reflexology for Menopause

For some this journey can be difficult, there are numerous symptoms that can be experienced. Reflexology for Menopause offers support for menopausal women. Together we will tailor the treatment to your needs. For those that are interested lifestyle changes can also be discussed to help you towards an easier menopause and healthy aging.

Find out more about Reflexology for Menopause here

50 minutes


Pay what you can afford on the sliding scale

Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and migraines can be due to a variety of factors including stress, hormonal changes and sinusitis. For those clients living with headaches and migraines I offer individualised Foot Reflexology treatments assessing and focusing on your individual needs

50 minutes


Pay what you can afford on the sliding scale

Reflexology for Menopause

Menopause is a natural journey experienced by all women, yet it is different for each person. There is a long list of symptoms that can be encountered and for some it can be a difficult time. It is also a time of change, an opportunity to reframe what we want for our next stage of life and make lifestyle changes to enable an easier menopause and to support us through to healthy aging.

Reflexology for menopause can be a great help, lowering stress levels can reduce menopausal symptoms - so why not see how the deep relaxation from Reflexology makes you feel.

"Chronically elevated Cortisol (stress) increases the likelihood of severe menopausal symptoms”

Cagnacci et al. 2011. Menopause 18, 3, 273-8

A Reflexology for Menopause treatment can be tailored for your needs, including an endocrine balance if the hormonal system needs support, lymph drainage for inflammation if there is joint pain and an anxiety support sequence when anxiety or stress is experienced. Together we will find the best treatment for you.

There are such a variety of symptoms during menopause that scientific research can be difficult but there are a growing number of studies showing how Reflexology can be an important part of women’s menopause journey. This includes research showing that Reflexology improves sleep and hot flushes during menopause (1); that it can be effective in decreasing vasomotor problems and that it increases the quality of life during the menopause period (2); and can help with depression during the menopause (3).

The benefits improve further for those women that couple Reflexology with lifestyle changes. I work with Sally Earlam’s ‘ Five Pillars for a Healthy Menopause’ to enable women to transition into a healthier, more vibrant them at their own pace. For those that wish to, we can look at Diet, Exercise, Relaxation, Stress and Purpose bringing small gradual changes for long lasting results.

  1. The effects of reflexology on sleep disorder in menopausal women. Maryam Asltoghiri, Zahra Ghodsi. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 31, 2012, Pages 242-246,
  2. The effects of reflexology applied to women aged between 40 and 60 on vasomotor complaints and quality of life. Gozuyesil E, Baser M. Complement Ther Clin Pract. 2016 Aug;24:78-85.
  3. The effects of reflexology on depression during menopause: A randomized controlled clinical trial. F Mahdavipour et al. Complementary Therapies in Medicine, Volume 47, 2019.

Zone Face Lift



“The Zone Face Lift promotes a kinder holistic approach to helping you naturally look your best.”

The 75 minute treatment combines Advanced Facial Reflexology with all the health

benefits of a Foot Reflexology, and a natural face lift that stimulates collagen and elastin, tightens and sculpts the neckline and smooths and lifts the face.

Techniques are used from Japanese Facial Massage, Indian Head Massage,

Native American Medicine and include:

● Jade facial Gua Sha: Stimulates collagen and elastin to tighten and firm the face.

Encourages lymph drainage to decongest skin and reduce puffy eyes. Promotes a radiant complexion, reduces a double chin and helps to sculpt the jaw line.

● Acupressure Dermal Rollers: Stimulate nerve endings directly in addition to the benefits of the jade facial Gua Sha tool.

● Quartz Crystal Spheres: Realign cells and absorb negative energy.

For long lasting results book onto the Zone Face Lift 12 week programme or try a stand alone treatment to give yourself a new glow.

Reflexology in the Workplace

Corporate Reflexology brings treatments to your workplace, they are non-invasive, reduce stress and promote wellbeing. This can help your workforce reduce the amount of sick days they take, improve their productivity, reduce their

stress and tension and help your employees feel valued..

“1.8 million workers are suffering from work-related ill health”

Figures taken in 2023 from

Treatments including Spinal Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Foot and Facial Reflexology and Reflexology for Menopause can be adapted for the workplace. Little equipment is needed, they can all be done fully clothes and offered at a length of time which best suits your workplace.

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My location

I am based in the Woodway Treatment Room in Middle Barton, situated near Chipping Norton and easily accessible to Woodstock, Bicester and the surrounding areas.

I am an associate at Deddington's Centre-Oxfordshire, I offer my treatments in this beautiful space which is in Deddington close to Bloxham, Bodicote, Adderbury and Banbury.

I have appointments available at Holycombe Retreat Centre, Whichford, Shipston on Stour.

I also see clients from the wider Oxfordshire and Warwickshire area.

Free parking spaces are available on site.

Call or text: 07875136040


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